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CPR & First Aid Training Institute is a statewide CPR & First Aid training institute delivering high quality, hands-on training to daycare providers, construction and manufacturing industries in Oklahoma. We serve the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas, including multiple locations across the State of Oklahoma.


what customers think about us

"By the way, I want to tell you that I have been taking CPR classes every other year for the last 30 years, and your class is the first class I have taken that I really learned and understood the processes. Your approach to the class in explaining how and why was fabulous and you should be very proud of your business! It is hard to keep people engaged and you had my attention the entire time. Both my friend and husband agree with me that you did an awesome job.!" Donna R. Teeter

"Thanks to their disease management education class, now my employees know how to take care of themselves and I can lead them to a healthy life as a company owner." John L. Kirkpatrick

"I like to always be prepared for any emergency and with this CPR class I now feel confident to be able to react to any situation" Raul S. Clower

"I am a warehouse manager and since my employees took the forklift class they are now better prepared to perform their job safely." Terrance C. Callahan

"Without a doubt the best CPR training class I have taken, I highly recommend it ..." Sidney L. Flores

"A co-worker recommended MSI and I decided to take one of their first aid classes and I do not regret having done it, excellent class" Todd C. Monroe

"I found this company through the internet, I registered in its class of first aid and it was a good decision, excellent instructors and a very pleasant environment, I will certainly continue taking classs with them" Raymond A. McRae

"The instructor was very enthusiastic, easy to follow and everything was hands-on, I loved it! " Jesus O. Sewell

"I just wanted to take a minute to brag on one of your instructors. Brian was so knowledgeable very thorough and hands on. I really enjoyed being a part of his class. You can tell he is very passionate and loves to teach class. You don’t find that quality in very many people but he is certainly one of them. I honestly thought it was going to be a very boring long 4 hour class as it was my very first class. It was quite the opposite with him he made the class fun and exciting he is a great instructor anyone who gets him is a very lucky student!" Care Dynamics - Tulsa Oklahoma

And many more!

CPR & First Aid Training Institute

CPR & First Aid Training Institute has several advantages when it comes to providing training classes. CPR & First Aid Training Institute is among the most experienced first aid and safety training organizations in Oklahoma.


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